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Panic attacks! Some advice is needed

Wpisy: 2
Autor: marchoffmann

does anyone here like animes?

Wpisy: 8
Autor: HARU

This moment, when...

Wpisy: 85
Autor: marchoffmann

What is the worst pain you've been in?

Wpisy: 43
Autor: aldenmaster

lets play right or not right

Wpisy: 608
Autor: rorygames

Skirts an high-heels vs blind education

Wpisy: 7
Autor: pajper

Love, cupples, cheating ETC

Wpisy: 68
Autor: marchoffmann

What is your opinion on Ambeos?

Wpisy: 3
Autor: KittyCat

Give an example of an existing piece of wrk that someone took and made a thousand times better

Wpisy: 5
Autor: SeedyTV

Your describtion

Wpisy: 101
Autor: djsenter

looking for love

Wpisy: 28
Autor: damien-rainey

Bored! Up for chat? :)

Wpisy: 14
Autor: Ken2002

Feeling lonely, what do you do

Wpisy: 44
Autor: marchoffmann

Guide dogs?

Wpisy: 13
Autor: deviousangel24

buy, sell, give

Wpisy: 5
Autor: die

Chronic Migraines?

Wpisy: 2
Autor: songbird87

Elevators and escalators

Wpisy: 32
Autor: Jacobww3

What is your favorite song.

Wpisy: 40
Autor: marchoffmann

What is something you just couldn't stop laughing at?

Wpisy: 54
Autor: aldenmaster

virtuall hugs

Wpisy: 135
Autor: Tinulja
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