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What is your opinion on Ambeos?

Wpisy: 14
Autor: KittyCat

Chronic Migraines?

Wpisy: 9
Autor: songbird87

Elevators and escalators

Wpisy: 82
Autor: Jacobww3

what do you think of Astral projection

Wpisy: 32
Autor: ziyadmohammed

Currently Untitled Audio

Wpisy: 3
Autor: Seedy-Threepio

Why do some people assume if you write a spec of slightly good English you're from America?

Wpisy: 5
Autor: Sir-Charlie

Bored! Up for chat? :)

Wpisy: 18
Autor: Ken2002

Skirts an high-heels vs blind education

Wpisy: 25
Autor: pajper

a question about something

Wpisy: 9
Autor: techboy

new to elten

Wpisy: 7
Autor: diamondStar

Anyone uses iqos?

Wpisy: 12
Autor: Urh2006

The thing that you hate about english the most

Wpisy: 46
Autor: Ferrumite666

Not sure where this belongs but...

Wpisy: 3
Autor: Samuel

redistributing paid audio games (taxes and other stuff you need to need)

Wpisy: 31
Autor: Jonathan

Give an example of an existing piece of wrk that someone took and made a thousand times better

Wpisy: 7
Autor: SeedyTV


Wpisy: 5
Autor: megabanaan

Ham radio

Wpisy: 23
Autor: techboy

How do you shave?

Wpisy: 33
Autor: Urh2006

Panic attacks! Some advice is needed

Wpisy: 22
Autor: marchoffmann

Prowadnica Foundation presents 3d printing for the blind at the University of Oxford

Wpisy: 3
Autor: pajper
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