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Looking for a kind of chess board

Wpisy: 3
Autor: ArcticMoon

Trance music

Wpisy: 7
Autor: Tsunami


Wpisy: 15
Autor: bryanbkm82

Languages, accents, dialects...

Wpisy: 140
Autor: djsenter

Would you rather

Wpisy: 67
Autor: djsenter

Your describtion

Wpisy: 63
Autor: djsenter

What does your username mean?

Wpisy: 70
Autor: Ferrumite666

what was your favorite toy as a child?

Wpisy: 90
Autor: songbird87

If you could be on a game show, which would you choose?

Wpisy: 5
Autor: TheEvilChocolateCookie

Need help with my english accent

Wpisy: 11
Autor: DianaCician

In which country is that is good support and / or help for blind people?

Wpisy: 3
Autor: Tsunami

What is the worst pain you've been in?

Wpisy: 14
Autor: aldenmaster

virtuall hugs

Wpisy: 16
Autor: Tinulja


Wpisy: 38
Autor: daszekmdn

Why is it that the blind people laughs a thing which shouldn't laugh at?

Wpisy: 21
Autor: Tsunami

Looking for advice.

Wpisy: 26
Autor: cmerry

Let's make new friends

Wpisy: 2
Autor: MonstruoLimpiapisos

looking for a job

Wpisy: 4
Autor: Snajper22

check out the evil chocolate grab bag podcast

Wpisy: 23
Autor: TheEvilChocolateCookie

Sámi and another nations

Wpisy: 12
Autor: Emrah20
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