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Music thread: Sing, or play on Your musical instruments or all together

Wpisy: 882
Autor: Emrah20

cool and crazy EDM

Wpisy: 32
Autor: Blue_Dragon

Micanical keyboards

Wpisy: 7
Autor: Urh2006

Eleven labs, your opinion and experience

Wpisy: 63
Autor: marchoffmann


Wpisy: 15
Autor: kindnesslover

speech synthesis bloopers and fun things

Wpisy: 312
Autor: bomberman29

Test of My new microphone

Wpisy: 30
Autor: Emrah20

let's all see how we would do as game show hosts, choose your own show

Wpisy: 9
Autor: TheEvilChocolateCookie


Wpisy: 3
Autor: JuanReina

Retro arch

Wpisy: 2
Autor: techboy

Your introduction

Wpisy: 500
Autor: x0

Critical problem with my CPU

Wpisy: 9
Autor: marchoffmann

stringed instruments, tunings, alternative tunings and fun

Wpisy: 7
Autor: starchild

how many times have you missed out on fun things

Wpisy: 1
Autor: techboy

What kind of music does everyone like?

Wpisy: 7
Autor: Navi

Windows 11 TTS Voices

Wpisy: 7
Autor: mad-gamer

Help with singing improvement

Wpisy: 9
Autor: paula1

learning to code, help please!

Wpisy: 6
Autor: dragma13

miss world

Wpisy: 27
Autor: samir2020

Scramble is out now!

Wpisy: 13
Autor: techboy
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