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Wpisy: 157
Autor: techboy

Music thread: Sing, or play on Your musical instruments or all together

Wpisy: 1011
Autor: Emrah20

the worsed pain you have ever been in: voice edition

Wpisy: 19
Autor: ferre

Apple watch

Wpisy: 5
Autor: Urh2006

What do you like to do in free time and why?

Wpisy: 28
Autor: KittyCat

Elten's got talent

Wpisy: 18
Autor: Urh2006

Your introduction

Wpisy: 620
Autor: x0

What is your favorite thing about the Holidays? What traditions do you have?

Wpisy: 4
Autor: KittyCat

stringed instruments, tunings, alternative tunings and fun

Wpisy: 12
Autor: starchild

EDM music

Wpisy: 8
Autor: Urh2006

audio improvement of oriol gomez's bird game

Wpisy: 10
Autor: techboy

AI covers and stuff

Wpisy: 10
Autor: Victor

What's the most annoying thing people do, in your opinion?

Wpisy: 22
Autor: MatthewSmithYT

cosmic rage

Wpisy: 37
Autor: kindnesslover

Micanical keyboards

Wpisy: 24
Autor: Urh2006

Question about sleeping.

Wpisy: 11
Autor: DerekMerced

Languages, accents, dialects

Wpisy: 32
Autor: Emrah20

Windows 11 TTS Voices

Wpisy: 13
Autor: mad-gamer

just saying hi

Wpisy: 2
Autor: afik-9811il

Show off a cool and unique gadget that makes sound that you have

Wpisy: 5
Autor: KittyCat
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