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One day, I hope this network gets more traction to the blind community. Now if only they had an english community web site, without needing to use bing/google for translating!

Trenton Matthews

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Widziano: 2019-01-23 01:44
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My name is Trenton Matthews,, a nerd of technology, african Djimbe drummer, and love anything to do with "Chocolate!" Up for a game of "Dice World?" Run with me on platforms with "Scrolling Battless Your World?" Or evven try to get me to play on "Survive The Wild?" Find me on "most" gaming platforms, via the same user name I use here, that being "queenslight."

To learn more about me and/or to interact with me on Social Media spots (besides this one,) check out the link to my "Gopher Space," found within my "signature!"

Thanks for reading, yall have a good morning/afternoon/evening!


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