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Yes, English can be weird. It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.

Dawid Piotr Pieper

Płeć: mężczyzna
Wiek: 18
Widziano: 2018-08-21 11:42
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My name is Dawid Pieper.
What seems quite obvious, given that I write it on the community of the blind, I am completely blind person, so I never see red. :)
Besides that I love writing, which is sure to be seen in this long showcase, my passions are computer science and astronomy.
At the present moment I take the blinds' time and make them going bananas, by giving them untested, full of errors and shortcomings applications which primary purpose is spoiling the user's day under the pretext of usefulness. Obviously, I'm joking. :) I hope something of my code writing, although probably better definition would be programmatic mumble, is really useful.
My most serious project in this category so far is Elten itself. :)
To paraphrase the words of a friend, people who are happy to know me are likely to know that I love to read. I read in essence everything from the fantasy that I've probably admired the most, through historical novels, to the scientific work causing headaches in normal people.
And to those who have the pleasure of not knowing me, it is easy to guess now that I am so far away from the norm as the Sun of the Proxima Centauri. :)
Someone might ask what is the effect of that abnormality and what is associated with it...
A few other passions, primarily rocketry.
Yes, it's like I'm so crazy to build rockets.., more precisely, to be a leader of Infinity Project thats goal is developing rockets.
Our dream is to reach space, although so far the altitudes of our flights are expressed only in kilometres. But, I hope everything is in front of us.
So, if there is a rocket in your yard, you know who to call for compensation. For my own security I do not give a phone here. :D
TO sum it all up, if, despite all these abnormal passions and interests, you still feel energized to write to me, I invite you to contact me.
I am always glad to meet new people. :)

:) Mail:
Klango: dawid22
Twitter: dawidpieper
Skype: dawid.pieper

Best regards,
Dawid Pieper,
Elten Developer


Copyright (©) 2014-2018, Dawid Pieper