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Who to trust when you need them the most. Who would be always there, who will remain. And why is there in fact noone in the most or very hard dificoult situations and days in life...



Before I'll put the generic info about me, feel free to follow my blog and feed for the most bullshit this program can ever offer in its amazing history!
I'm marc. I live in norway, am 16 and i'm still kind of learning the language. So in case there's any norwegian on here one day, feel free to drop a message anyways!
Even though my provided location is Kristiansand, I'm still a little while away from there, in a small town called lyngdal. So don't search for me there, its just the closest location I could select from the wery wery bad list. But hey, at least I know someone living very close to there, so meh, who cares. Lmao.
You will most likely see me on here all day, because, I may just have nothing else to do. This is a nice place to surround yourself with others in 1 way or another, Or that is what I think. I like to play 3d online games, hangout with friends, listen to music, especially a lot of worship music, from the moment on I became a christian, that being since the very end of april. And I don't regret any single bit of that decision. I as well read quite often in the bible now, and I'm leading a christian group which, as of now doesn't have very many participaters, so if you are a christian, or interested in christianity or, idk whatever else, you're more than welcome to join! Or even if you just want to talk about anything regarding christianity privately, share experiences and whatnot, send a dm!
I also like being in the water, so mostly I'm 1 time a week in the swimming hall. Sometimes I'm singing and I keep improving much, but I'm rather shy with my singer voice and I don't let many people hear it, at least yet. But I'm sure we all know the glory of just singing sometimes, so freely and like you want, with noone caring about your skills.

Feel free to drop a message if you want to say something, i'll definitly reply! Please only in understandable english/german. And maybe norwegian, but don't make it to complex. Thanks for waisting your time, you shall continue with what you've been doing before reading this super hyper damn mega awesome interesting cool nice well written creative and just professionally proven informational visiting card which is very very legendary cool and epicly written!
Ok, no enough. Woops. Bye. Lol


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