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Although we think negative, there must be an end. There always is one. And there is someone who loves us how we are, no matter what we do



Hello. I'm Marc. Am 15 and i live in norway, but currently i'm still learning the language and i don't like it as much as english, so i sometimes try to avoyd it :d. I like, of course, to play online audio games, listen to music, be weired when its a good moment, though as well way to much emotional in a lot of cases, and also like to socialize. I have 3 dogs but i don't like them cuz i don't feel comfortable with animals in general, maybe a thing life brought with me, i don't know. If there is anything you want to know, ask, or anything, you can send me a private message and i'll reply as soon as i'm there again, just don't ask weired random questions.
Find me on:
Qc playroom: username marchoffmann
Discord: I won't share it but i might give you the number if you have a reason.
Sketchbook, your world: Username Marc
Survive the wild: Same one
Constant battle: No longer active, but it is marchoffmann
RS Games: marc as well
Others? Nah, to private. Enjoy


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