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Mariana Ilieva

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Widziano: 2020-02-22 19:24



Hello my name's Mariana. I finished high school level in a school for the blind in Sofia. Now I live in a village near Kazanlak. I decided to make a profile on this site cause I want to find friends from everywhere including Bulgaria. My dream is to find a good friend or maybe more really good friends cause these days the facebook friendship is very famous but it's not enough just to send a friend requestI mean it seems that the people don't talk to each other or don't have time for that. I love the home phones cause everyone could call without asking for permission and I couldn't know who was the caller before I answer and it was like a surprise I was expecting to hear someone's voice no matter who it could be.Now we have everything modern and we're far away from each other. This is very strange really. .I want to hear as many languages as possible and music from every place in the world. I rarely leave my house cause I've cerebral palsy which in my situation means that I can walk slowly in places without steps, traps or something in front of my feet. I enjoy to be on my terrace and to listen to the sounds of the birds, bees flies, crickets and cicadas etc. I also like listening to music , playing games on the web (I mean games like dominos farcle 1000 miles scopa 66 and I know some chess moves, but I don't have strategy), learning new languages, reading books, listening to sermons. I love good food and a little bit of alcohol with it. About the languages the language is just a way to communicate with people, but my main goal is to find friends here and to have fun at the same time while learning or improving a language skills. Long time I was starting and stopping learning a language cause I wasn't sure which one to choose. I want to learn all languages in the world but it's impossible. My final decision is to improve my English and to learn Russian, Italian, Esperanto and German. So if you want to learn Bulgarian I'm here to help, if you know Russian, Italian German or Esperanto and you want to teach me these languages I'll be very happy. Let's be friends and have fun! Feel free to message me! :) 


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