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rules, please don't read these carefully, because if you read with care, it's not important for us that who you are! we will give you a reward for not reading the rules! 1. Please attempt to change your name as fast as possible. A name change is not fine, it will be not good if players can know who you are from your first name, so changing your name so no one knows who you are really fast would be apreciated. 2. Please attempt to use any loopholes and/or anything that looks like a bug. If something is giving you 3 of an item when you should get one, you should know this is a bug, for example. Please do not report these to the developer, otherwise you'll get banned from the game 3. please use bots/auto keypressers: always you have permission, and also cheat engine and similar programs are allowed, so not using them will result in a ban 4. please abuse the AFK command. Going AFK is not fine, but when you are not, it doesn't have any problem. For example, tased or using an item grabber etc. Also, sit there in AFK until an aponent is in a vulnerable position and suddenly come after them. The result of not abusing afk is the deletion of all of your accounts. 5. Please spam the chat system. Sending good words, good jokes that make people laugh and others are not allowed. You are allowed to send bad words, insults, dirty jokes, and words that will result in screen reader crashes 6. Abuse items: trie to use items in a bad way. People who can abuse the most will get 5000 bitcoins 7. Go offline and then come back online when your in a dangerous position, for example, some one is near you, or you are about to die and more. Breaking this rule results in an instant ban. And once I ban someone, I don't really care about who I banned after that, so chances are it'll be permanent,. 8. Impersonation is allowed on this game. If you don't impersonate people in the game, it will be an instant, permanent, and no warning ban. Impersonation has a reward of 5000 bitcoins evry month 9: obscenities are considered insults in public chats, and insulting players and managers is allowed. If you insult a player, you will be rewarded with 900 bitcoins for the first time, 1800 bitcoins for the second time, 5000 bitcoins for the third time, and 4 or more times, has a reward of 25000 bitcoins. And if you insult the managers, you will get 5000 bitcoins for the first time, 15000 bitcoins for the second time, and 32000 bitcoins if you insult them 3 or more times 10. don't Have fun, don't be fair, use cheats, and we'll get angry at eatch other! we wish you sadness, cheats, insults and evry bad thing that exists in the game! note: any action that results a ban, may will take a long time for you to get unbanned. So take this in mind when you dont want to cheat, or spam, or break the roules in any way.


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Widziano: 2022-12-04 23:14





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