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Użytkownik: Kaito

{إن الله وملائكته يصلون على النبي يا أيها الذين آمنوا صلوا عليه وسلموا تسليما}.

Sharaf Aldeen Almi

Płeć: mężczyzna
Wiek: 23
Widziano: 2024-06-16 22:50



I changed my username to Orochimaru everywhere I could, so it's probably me if you find someone by that name, or probably not since this name might be used by others.
Also I thought I'd mention this here. If you play or like hearthstone you can check out the soundtheme I've created for it using the game sounds. I know it's not the first or the best or the only one, but I wanted to make my own version. If you have any feedback just let me know via sending me a private message here or wherever you wish.
Discord: orochi27
Telegram: @Orochi27
Twitter: @Orochi270
Skype username: Orochimaru
Or if that doesn't work try this: live:shrfaldynlmy
battle tag: Kaito#23565
Second battle tag: Orochimaru#21417


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