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If your top of the morning meets someone elses bottom of the morning, does that mean you're riding them?

John Holcomb II

Płeć: mężczyzna
Wiek: 41
Widziano: 2024-04-22 15:55


By now you know my name, my age, and the fact that I'm seen here often, although there should be an away status. Other than being blind I have a hearing impairment but can talk. Likes include tech like PCS and smartphones. Yes that's right, I said smartphones, as in both android and iOS and I even know some about flip phones. I'm also into radio. Love AM/FM radio and to trade airchecks. Musicly pop from somewhere around 1957 to today is my jam along with rock, some country, R&B and HipHop. I am that guy that loves all the hits. I go thru fazes of social media. Reading wise lately I've been listening to a lot of Claire Kingsly, and just read a book by Fiona Cole. I'm a foody. I don't do TV. Feel free to say hi!


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