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there is a song, which at one point says „�I've never been the kind to ever let my feelings show, and I thought that bein' strong meant never losin' your self-control”. It's definitely the only thing that identifies me from the song, at the moment.

Diana Cician

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Hi. My name is Diana. Those of my family call me Dia or Didi, and my closest people Dia, or changed forms according to their taste of my name, for example Dian, Dina, Dana, Demonia, etc.
As you may have seen above, I'm from Romania. Although the city you see there is the city where I study, and I'm not there for anything other than studying. So if you look for me there, there is very little chance of finding me.
I like to listen to music, read, write, and learn languages.
My favorite musical genres are rap, hip hop and related, as well as pop, although I still listen to other musical genres. But like every human, I have my favorites.
When we talk about reading, the types of books that I read the most are psychology, fantasy, and criminology, mostly involving a detective.
Although I read more on wattpad for the simple fact that... okay, I admit, I don't know.
Writing is a very good way for me to express what I feel/think, because I am one of the people who express themselves better by writing than by speaking.
So far I speak Romanian which is my native language, English, and Spanish. That is what could be called fluid.
But here the weird thing is activated, and I'm learning 13 languages at the same time. For me, languages mmusic and writing is like alcohol for an alcoholic, for example.
I learn German, Polish, Czech, Russian, Hungarian, Greek, Portuguese, Turkish, Albanian, Swedish, Arabic, Basque and Hebrew.
I'm quite shy, but if you start the conversation, we'll talk :) by the way, if you see me online and I don't answer, it's because I activated the do not disturb mode (shift f2), minimized the application (f3) and I'm either listening to music, or reading, or writing, on very rare occasions bothering people or other things.


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