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Everyone says that they'll be there for you. Unfortunatelly, only time tells you who will really be and means it, and those who in fact only say it because of being nice.



Hi. What's down? :P what's up is kinda overrated. Sorry not sorry. But what will be down, would be called lots of text. Lots and lots of text. XD.
My first name is Ioana. It comes from the name of my father, Ioan. But please call me Diana. I don't like my first name. I mean used by other people yes but I don't like being called Ioana. Those of my family call me Dia or Didi, and my closest people Dia, or changed forms according to their taste of my name, for example Dian, Dina, Dana, Demonia, etc.
Something to I need to say and highlight, and that most people see me as an alien for saying it, but I'm not that much of a gamer. My gamer phase started with crazy party beta 73, and died with beta 75. At that time, if you showed me a game, it was very easy for me to play or to convince me to do it. Now it's quite difficult to convince me but not impossible.
As you may have seen above, I'm from Romania. Although the city you see there is the city where I study, and I'm not there for anything other than studying. So if you look for me there, there is very little chance of finding me. I'm from a village a little far away but not so much.
I like to listen to music, read, write, and learn languages.
My favorite musical genres are rap, hip hop and related, as well as pop, although I still listen to other musical genres. But like every human, I have my favorites.
When we talk about reading, the types of books that I read, or would choose the most are psychology, romance, and criminology, mostly involving a detective.
Writing is a very good way for me to express what I feel/think, because I am one of the people who express themselves better by writing than by speaking.
So far I speak Romanian which is my native language, English, and Spanish. That is what could be called coherent and a high level.
But here the weird thing is activated.
For me, languages mmusic and writing is like alcohol for an alcoholic, for example.
I always learn a language or maximum 2, but won't update this every time I do it, so you'll just have to ask me :P sorry.
I'm quite shy, but if you start the conversation, we'll talk :) PS: I am quite immature but if it is required to be mature I am. I guess so
Ways of contacting me excluding Elten:
Discord: Diaa#3174
Instagram: I go from century to century. I don't give it to you :P na alright, @DianaCician,
Playroom/QuentinC Gameroom ( (it's the only place with games where you see me active but it's mostly just to socialize but anyway I know 99% of the games if you wanna play)): crazy_dreamer
Teamtalk: I don't enter usualy. Convince me XD
Telegram: @DianaCician,
Twitter: @TheDianoid,
Number for whatsapp and other stuff will be obtained by talking to me and not being a piece of snake, and being thrustworthy.
Yes now. Enough about me! I'm not that important anyway.


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