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My name is Nikolett, however, most people call me just Niki, that's my nickname. As you can see above, I'm 21 years old. Old, yes, I'm starting to be a little bit old, don't you think?
I live in Hungary, in a very small town, which even some hungarians don't know about. I'm in love with languages. I can say I speak russian fluently, of course my mother tongue hungarian, english, and a little bit of polish, which I'm planning to improve of course. :)
I love music, learning to use reaper myself, however, alone it's a bit difficult to be honest. I can play the piano and a bit of violin - I've learned to play the violin for 2 years, but I had to give up for several reasons. Sometimes I still play the piano when I have enough time, but alone I don't really love playing. The best is when others also play or sing with me! :)
I also love talking to friends, practicing languages, and teaching my mother tongue, hungarian. I'm pretty sure I can't explain a lot of things well, but I simply love explaining! And the best feeling is when someone understands what I'm trying to say.
If you would like to know more, or simply chat, feel free to write me here, or the ways mentioned below!

Contact info:
(disclaimer: in the blog I write in russian)
Skype: till.nikolett
Email (don't forget, it's not my main address, so might answer later.)


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