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Your Bugs and Problems With Elten

Wpisy: 76
Autor: railwayguy

YouTube program crashing upon searching for a video

Wpisy: 32
Autor: SeedyTV

Updating bug?

Wpisy: 9
Autor: Marin

elten's play("sound name") function broke. shooter and one of my games doesn't play sound any more

Wpisy: 1
Autor: bomberman29

another time it broke.

Wpisy: 3
Autor: techboy

The elten write an error when I want go to 'messages' element to read it on 'what's new' tab.

Wpisy: 1
Autor: Tsunami

My elten broke

Wpisy: 1
Autor: techboy

Blog error

Wpisy: 13
Autor: StormProductions
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