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gaming is my world

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ok lol. so far i even haven't updated this blog of mine? your quite rite! so what's been happening, i've
been working on game after game, music although music i won't include for after all, musics talked about
alot. anyway how is hour little hedgehog? lol he's still as crafty as ever, still up to crazy stuff but
i'm still lacking voices and sound effects. half my beta people i've had to reject there help because
it was practicly boardem they were giving me, so yeah! back to everything i'd say
2017-12-01 14:58:40

gaming is great

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so what's going on? well i'll tell you now! hundreds of games have been done, some have been discontinued
because of lack of support, and i feel that towards 2018 loads of games should be out and about, and
in people's pc's and macks, android as such but lol! oops i went over the top for i can only do pc games
but lol i'm sure someone will kindly do a mac version. feel like you need a laugh? well, jump in, join
me and you can game yourself in probably i'd say days on end! for not only will it take a while, anyone
can beta test. bugs and suggestions? throw one in and yay! games all yours for you should do games as
you want, not as anyone else want's. even i'd let you but if there's things you want that i'm permitted
2017-11-22 22:06:27

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